Jimmy Tidey

I'm a web developer and researcher. I use my tech skills to rapidly prototype social interventions.

I'm a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art CX Hub. My interests are:

Recent Work

Example Personal Projects

Social Mirror

Social Mirror is a system to deliver social prescriptions to vulnerable people. Participants fill out a survey about their social life, and it suggests community groups they could join, or activities that might broaden their social network.

My involvement with the project is as Node.js developer.


Community Mirror

Community Mirror is a response to the NESTA call for research into 'below the radar activity in the social economy'.

We will be comparing real-world data about community assets, gathered by a door to door survey, with data gathered algorithmically online using the Heresay platform.


Podaris is a tool for designing urban transport networks collaboratively. I helped migrate their mapping tool to the Meteor Javascript framework.



Wonkbook is a project with Stian Westlake at NESTA. It collects twitter interactions from MPs, Think Tank staff and journalists. Using this data it constructs league tables.



I worked with Lambeth Council work on their "cooperative council" community driven website. My work was mainly focused on mapping and open data, and led to open repository of the drupal module we bulit.



Heresay scans blogs, forums, Facebook and Twitter for hyperlocal information. It tags and geolocates this data.

The data it produces is useful for a variety of projects and as part of my PhD.


Last FM

What does Last FM behavior say about musical taste? Can you draw a family tree of musical genre using it?

This project was an opportunity to experiment with finding empirical evidence in the face of something as subjective as musical taste.

More here

Michael Jackson is more import than Jesus

I wanted to play with semantic data on Wikipedia - using it to get bulk data about influential dead people. I also wanted to explore the idea of Wikipedia as a canonical structuring of knowlege.

More here

Bike Calculator

Saw a thing on Kick Starter, doubted it could exist, built a calculator, discovered it probably could.