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I'm a freelance front-end developer and producer / product manager, my background spans both production and tech roles.

Tech skills

  • Front-end development: Javascript/jQuery, HTML5, CSS, photoshop
  • PHP, WordPress, Git, Rails
  • Semantic web technologies, such as SPARQL & Freebase. Graph analysis.

Production skills

  • Defining roadmaps from conceptualisation to specification to delivery
  • Writing specification documents, wireframing, making stimulus material for testing
  • Running focus groups, surveys and user testing sessions
  • Extensive experience of pitching
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BBC - Site for Orphan Black

jQuery / HTML5 site packaged so that it can be duplicated in every country that purchases the Orphan Black programme.

Lambeth Borough Council

Feelgood Lambeth project. Using Ruby On Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, Heroku, Cloudinary image hosting, Google Maps API. Github.

Rubric Creative

Working as a front-end web developer for Rubric Creative. Responsive Design and WordPress development. Example: Trafalgar Place.

LBi - n0tice campaign for the Guardian

Front-end development using the N0tice API to produce embeddable, dynamic infographics.

Stian Westlake / NESTA

Ongoing project to map the social graph of think tanks and index their research. Little taster. Github.

Somethin' Else

R&D project producing maps of people's musical preferences using Facebook and YouTube.


One day, your toaster and your guitar will be as connected as your phone. Evrythng want to provide a software platform to link together... well, everything.

I worked as a Product Manager to investigate how the Evrythng platform fits into the nascent Internet of Things ecology.

I produced prototypes using their API, ran user testing, surveys and participated in a their development sprints.

More here.


People increasingly have a computer to hand while they watch TV. Monterosa work to increase engagement by making laptops and tablets part of the TV experience.

I worked as a Development Producer at Monterosa. My job was generating and refining ideas for websites that sync with TV programmes, then pitching them to TV Channels.

Monterosa are leaders in '2-Screen' TV and worked with the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

You can see the Million Pound Drop app in action here, and learn more about 2-Screen here.

Personal Work

Here are three projects to demonstrate my tech skills.

Heresay is a website that gathers forum posts from across London and makes them geographically searchable. It uses the responsive Twitter Bootstrap on the front end, and has a back end for scraping built in PHP. Code for the Front end and the Back end

Rifff Audio Composer is a rails projects, using Heroku hosting, Amazon S3, and HTML5 audio API. Code on Github.

Bike Calculator uses the HTML5 canvass tag via paper.js to provide an editable graph. Code on Github.

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